35 stamping presses with progressive and transfer capabilities
  • Range 40T – 600T
  • Deep Draw Stampings
  • Precision Stampings
  • In-Die Tapping
Secondary Operations
  • Robotic Welding Cells
  • Projection / Resistance Welding
  • Automated Assembly Cells
  • E-Coat / Plating
  • Machining
Engineering / Poke-yoke
  • Kecy works with a dedicated network of equipment vendors to provide the right process for your product
  • Kecy currently builds to print, but will assist in the design for manufacturability (“red-line” drawing process)
  • In-house tooling department is fully capable of integrating engineering changes and handling complete die maintenance
  • Poke-yokes are customized based on key part characteristics
  • Poke-yokes are mostly gravity or mechanical to minimize cost and complexity